Controlled Substance Removal in Red Deer, Calgary, and Surrounding Areas

Drug contamination is a serious matter and one that can have a detrimental effect on an individual’s health. Sites such as homes, vehicles, and businesses that have either seen drug use or that have been used for the production of drugs can pose a dangerous threat. If you suspect that hard drugs have been used or produced on your property, it is imperative that you do not attempt any cleanup measures on your own. Professional, thorough drug lab cleanup and removal are necessary to ensure the safety of future occupants as remaining residues, particles, or leftover drug lab equipment can put your health at risk. The ASK Environmental team provides a full suite of grow op cleanup, needle cleanup, and other hard drug cleanup services in Red Deer, Calgary, and the surrounding areas in order to eliminate drug contamination and ensure the safety of your space.

Hard Drugs: Meth Cleanup, Fentanyl Cleanup, and Carfentanil Cleanup

The unauthorized production and use of hard drugs such as methamphetamine (meth, crystal meth), fentanyl, and carfentanil can be extremely dangerous and produce extensive drug contamination risks. During our drug lab cleanup and remediation process, we perform pre-project controlled substance testing as well as post-project testing to ensure that nothing has been missed and that your space is entirely safe for normal use. This means that everything within the site is inspected and examined for possible drug contamination and cleaned to ensure that no risks remain.

Controlled Substance Removal

Our controlled substance testing and cleanup services include:

  • Drug Testing. On site controlled substance testing for Illicit drugs
  • Grow op cleanup. Plant remains, supplies, soil, and growing equipment
  • Needle cleanup. Sharps disposal, identification, and cleaning of biohazardous materials
  • Meth cleanup. Substances, residues, drug lab cleanup, and equipment disposal
  • Fentanyl cleanup. Powders, substances, residues, and equipment disposal
  • Carfentanil cleanup. Supplies, additives, equipment, and disposal of hazardous materials

We will ensure that all contaminated objects and equipment are safely removed and that you can fully utilize your space again without the worry of any lasting drug contamination. Your safety is our top priority, and we won’t leave any stone unturned.

Trust Drug Cleanup to ASK Environmental

Our team at ASK Environmental is committed to providing controlled substance testing and eliminating drug contamination entirely and providing you with support both during and long after the remediation process. We value the relationships that we build with our clients and make ourselves available to answer questions and provide advice to give you complete peace of mind. In addition, we have created relationships with reputable professionals in these respective industries that are able to provide assistance once our cleanup processes have been completed. Using the knowledge and experience gained over the last 20 years, our team can ensure that drug contamination will be managed correctly the first time so that you can feel safe in your space. If you have concerns or questions about controlled substance cleanup or suspect that drugs have been used on your property, contact us today and let ASK Environmental handle the tough stuff.



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