Mold growth in homes is not only unsightly but it’s also dangerous, particularly for those with existing health problems.

But how can you prevent mold growth in your home before you need mold removal Red Deer services? To answer that, let’s take a look at some of the primary causes of mold in buildings and what to look for if you suspect mold in your living space.

What Causes Mold?

Mold begins to grow quite easily and quickly when there is a moisture buildup within the home. While a flood can be an obvious issue that may result in mold, there are some other, not so obvious problems that can lead you down the same path.

What to Look for When Checking for Mold?

Once you know what causes mold growth in buildings, too much moisture where it doesn’t belong, it’s easier to understand what to look for so you can prevent it.

If you find black, brown or green fuzzy spots or patches of mold growth in homes, that’s a sure sign of a serious problem. This can be a sign that there is not only mold where you find it, but it could also be where you can’t even look, like behind walls and ceilings.

Check to see if your walls feel damp and check your windows for these spots. You may also notice a musty odour. This will tell you that there is mold growth somewhere in the room and you just need to find it.

How Can You Prevent Mold?

In any home, the battle between you and mold is constant, but it is a winnable fight. Start by controlling your temperature and humidity levels with the proper insulation and even a dehumidifier.

Maintaining a home’s structure, from the roof to the caulking and the interior walls, will also help keep mold under control.

Finally, ensure your home is well ventilated by having your roof inspected for the right venting and making good use of your fans in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Mold in buildings can start growing before you know it and it spreads quickly. Making sure you understand the causes of mold growth can help with prevention.