Does My Home Have Asbestos?

Renovating your home? Or knocking it down to build an infill home? Chances are, if your home is older than 1990, you will want to test for Asbestos – there may even be legislation requiring testing.

To answer the first question of “Do I have Asbestos in my home?” the answer is maybe. Asbestos was used in many different building materials throughout the 1900s. Common Asbestos containing building materials are Drywall Joint Compound, Texture, Flooring Materials, Insulations, Exterior Stucco, and many more. Asbestos was considered to be a “High Quality” building material, as such it was used often throughout construction.

The only way to determine presence of Asbestos is by sampling and analyzing them under a microscope. There are a couple very common Asbestos Containing Materials such as Vermiculite, and 9”x9” vinyl tiles but testing is always recommended to confirm.

Asbestos Containing

The number of samples is generally determined by the scope of work, the requirements of the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual, and local requirements. If you’re thinking about taking samples it’s always best to connect with a professional.