What does my air look like? Is my home causing me to get sick? Do I have asbestos in my air? Many of these are common questions we get here at ASK Environmental. Simply put, whether you’re in a city like Calgary, or Red Deer; or live out on an acreage or a farm you have particulate in your air.

Particulate is microscopic particles of solids or liquids suspended in the air. Some of these particles can be harmful, however, most are harmless.

Do I have mold in my air? The likely answer is YES. No need to panic as Mold is ubiquitous which means it is found everywhere. The only way to truly quantify how much and if it can have negative health affects is through the Mold sampling process.

Air Sample – Heavy Particulate Loading
Air Sample – Light Particulate Loading

ASK Environmental performs Mold Sampling daily. Our team of experts is highly trained on Mold Inspections, Analyzing, Providing Recommendations, and Assisting in the Mold Removal process. If you have questions about what may be in your air, give ASK Environmental a call and we can guide you through the process.